Meet the Team

The office takes great pride in treating patients as we would expect our own families to be served. Dr. Davidson and our caring team provide a personal touch in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Though we take your dentistry very seriously, we are a fun group, always ready to share a shoulder, laugh or hug.


Dental Hygienists

Our highly skilled hygienists provide preventative and periodontal services for children and adults. Whether it is explaining a dental condition, treatment recommendation, or offering instruction to improve home care, the hygienists are excellent educators dedicated to helping patients understand their oral health. Our hygienists have had extensive training in anesthesia, periodontal care, infection control and also attend ongoing dental seminars to continually strengthen their professional expertise.


Dental Assistants

The assistants in our office “wear many hats.” They have great people skills allowing them to relate to all personalities, especially those with high dental anxiety. Dr. Davidson relies heavily on their organizational abilities to assist him directly with patient care and also make sure the daily schedule flows efficiently because your time is important. Like the hygienists, our assistants are knowledgeable about many dental procedures, safety and infection control, in addition to state-of-the-art technology and equipment.


Sterilization Techs

Our office takes sterilization and infection control very seriously. Protecting patients from exposure to harmful bacteria or viruses is accomplished by following well-defined office protocol, and we are fortunate to have staff members who are devoted to the process. The techs guarantee that treatment rooms and all equipment are disinfected properly, and instruments sterilized according to the strict OSHA regulations. We are proud that our custom designed sterilization center demonstrates a commitment to assuring your safety.


Front Office Staff

This is where the feeling of treating patients like family truly begins. First impressions in any office come from those who answer the phone and greet you. Scheduling and business office responsibilities may keep them busy, but the primary goal of the front office staff is to make patients feel welcome and comfortable. These ladies are able to multi-task all while maintaining a calm and cheerful environment. Our lovely reception area is always filled with relaxed conversation between staff and patients.